SHAWN: You know, this bridge was built by porcupines. They chewed the girders with their little teeth. Apparently there was like a rabies outbreak during construction. They tried to unionize…

JULIET: Shawn, can we not do this right now? I’m really upset with you. We just… we missed the moment. Some people just don’t fit.

SHAWN: Yeah, but those, those are Lego people. And how could they? I mean, they make so many different sizes, for all the different sets… they’re in a box, they’re in a bucket, kids get ‘em mixed up. Don’t even get me started on Duplos. Those things are like twice the size, so babies won’t eat them.

JULIET: That’s funny. It’s always funny. But can we not do this right now? It’s okay. The way things are, it’s okay. I just really need to sort this out on my own right now.

SHAWN: [Shawn nods and takes a few steps away, then comes back] Can I just say what I came here to say, please? I have a motorcycle.

JULIET: Yes, you do.

SHAWN: Yes, I do. And you know what, it is, it is the purest form of freedom that I have ever experienced. You zip through traffic, you park anywhere, you never have to take anyone to the airport, you certainly don’t have to help anyone move. Easily the best purchase I have ever made in my life, and I have never regretted it, not for one second.

JULIET: Great! You love your motorcycle. Is there a point to this?

SHAWN: Yeah, there’s a point. The point is… since I met you, I – I’ve been thinking about getting a car.

JULIET: And you’re not thinking something practical or… sensible…

SHAWN: Oh, God no, I’m not throwing in the towel altogether.

- from Psych